Saturday, February 27, 2010

Time to Leave Mazatlan

First, an update on the TSUNAMI: We're fine.

Chile experienced an 8.8 earthquake, and there were tsunami warnings for most of the Pacific. There were a lot of excited people here, and on the radio nets, but the surge we felt in Mazatlan(right at the predicted time) was pretty unimpressive.

So... we have been in Mazatlan for 15 days, and we're planning on leaving tomorrow. It's been great, but it's a big city, and it's time to move on. We hope to do a one-night overnight passage, then spend a night at Isla Isabella (21° 50'N, 105° 53'W). The island is a National Park / Bird Sanctuary with nesting frigate bird nests. Then another overnight to Banderas Bay.

Here's Old Mazatlan.

We had some successes in Mazatlan. Here's Nat admiring the poopie he made in the potty.

Here he is pumping the poopie away.



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