Saturday, February 27, 2010

Work Days in Mazatlan

We spent a week in Mazatlan hanging out with Kris, Tami and Henry.

Then we spent another week hanging out some more, and catching up on a few boat projects on the "To Do Soon" list.

Here's a classic: broken window from boat baking in the desert in San Carlos. Actually, it was just a leaky crack before I busted it out with a hammer.

Acrylic deadlight + no room to expand in frame + wicked hot = cracked.

Look how it pulled off the gelcoat when it came out. Bummer.

Here it is replaced with a piece I brought from the States. Unfortunately, this piece of plastic is a little lighter tint than the others on Baloo. See how you can see the frame it sits in? On the other windows, you can't see through to the frame at all.

So the final result is that it doesn't leak, but looks pretty crappy. It's hard to get the parts right from 3,000 miles away. Hopefully it will darken with time.

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