Saturday, March 6, 2010

Isla Isabela and La Cruz

We sailed about 90 miles from Mazatlan south to Isla Isabela, which is a pretty deserted offshore national preserve. You could not have fit another nesting booby or frigate bird on the island.

Here is Baloo anchored by a rock formation called Las MoƱas.

Frigate birds

There is some research happening on the island. Note the band on the blue-footed booby’s leg.

Brown booby.

A nesting booby.

There were tons of whales at Isla Isabela. I probably missed 50 good pictures of huge breaches and tail slaps. It’s really hard to take pictures of whales.

We then made another overnight passage from Isla Isabella down to Banderas Bay (where Puerto Vallarta is). Right now we’re in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle (20° 44’N, 105° 22’W) Yeah, we’re at 20° North Latitude. That’s a long way from 48° North, where we started out!

The cruising guide says La Cruz is a sleepy fishing village where a marina might be built in the future. A lot has changed since that publication. We have been staying at (swanky) Marina Riviera Nayarit. The place is crazy right now with a huge international regatta and a boat show. The President of Mexico visited today. There are also small boat races going on, like Lasers and these Opti’s.

Cruising with a two year old has been really tough. Basically it doesn’t work for us: Nat needs some space and independence; the boat is tiny and full of things not to touch. People seem to have better success cruising with school-aged kids. They all commute around the docks by scooter. There is a big pack of them here. They do home-schooling stuff in the morning, then scoot around and see their friends.

Now we’re not quite sure what to do. Sailing with Nat was pretty rough (think: puke in the bed). Also, just being in the boat has been pretty rough. But then, getting out of the boat is pretty rough (think: sunscreen battle). We hear that things are great south of here, but are leery of how we’re going to get back upwind.

So, we will probably explore Banderas Bay a bit, and then look for a weather window to try to cross over to La Paz, on the Baja. We will show Nat where we got married at Cabo Pulmo. From there we will work north and eventually cross back to San Carlos.
For now, the plan is to truck Baloo from San Carlos back to Maine, and let go of the dream of cruising with a toddler. Although it looks like paradise, we find it’s just too much work, and too stressful.


Rachel said...

Does that mean you're coming home sooner?! (Totally selfish reasons of course. We miss you guys!!!)

I'm sorry it's been so stressful. He looks like he's having fun though. I think I'm going to print out that picture of Nat and the doggie for Molly's room. 2 of her favorite things!

Eric said...

rig him up in a bosun's chair and let him swing for a few hours??

Sorry to hear that the cruising with 2-y.o. has been so rough. smart to throw in the towel before you're either divorced by your wife or you or Nat end up walking the plank.

If you swing through Nashville... please call!